The short course is made for eLearning content developers.

Available courses

Learning Platform Management (LMS) Overview

The course is designed to provide you a necessary knowledge of Learning Management Systems(LMS). It will also give you a complete idea about the design process of your course on the platform, hardware and software requirement to use such a plat…

Quick Course Content Development

This short program covers all the necessary guidance, tutorial, and other details so that you can develop your course professional and effective content in a short time for your students.

Examination & Grade Report

Students' assessment is one of the most important part of learning. The course is designed to teach you, how to create question banks with various types of questions, include them in the examinations, grade them if required and finall…
  • Lecturer: Tutor mmu

Assignment Design

During the teaching process on the platform, there is a need to assess the students. This course is going to provide you the best and easiest way to design an assignment and grade the students without wasting time and papers. The assignmen…
  • Lecturer: Tutor mmu

Adding and Remove activities

The course is designed for course developers and tutors who like to develop or teach courses for online platforms. The course is made for one 4 Hrs and it will cover the course activities topics of course development.
  • Lecturer: Tutor mmu

Registration, Login and Enrollment

The course "Registration, Login, and Enrollment" will guide you on how to create an account, log in and enroll for your course on the eLearning platform. It is will provide you proper information in case someone forget the password. For all, you req…
  • Teacher: Tutor mmu

Content Development

The course "Content Development" is designed for tutors and content developers. The course will teach you, how to create module heading, how to use the label to create course outlines per week, sequencing the activities in each module and final…
  • Lecturer: Tutor mmu